Die Casting for Automotive Parts

Automotive parts have very specific requirements to be able to withstand high pressure, corrosion and high temperatures. From engine control modules to air bag housings, vehicles are built with many die cast parts. Aluminum and magnesium alloys are the most popular metal alloys used for automotive parts due to the fact that they are both lightweight and durable. Using lightweight parts throughout a vehicle lowers the overall vehicle weight, decreasing gas usage and lowering the amount of carbon dioxide CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere. Aluminum automotive die cast parts can also be recycled after they have run their course.

Perfect for the demanding needs of the automotive industry, die casting allows for the mass production of precision parts with complex geometries. Thin wall aluminum casting is a process ideal for manufacturing thin-walled parts to shield electronic sensors. Automotive parts can be enhanced with cosmetic surface finishes for the high-end customer.

Types of Automotive Die Castings

From the vehicle cabin to the engine, die castings are an integral part of vehicle manufacturing. Some examples of die castings made from zinc and aluminum include:

·         Sensor housings

·         Airbag housings

·         Seat belt retractor spools

·         Lock barrels

·         Electronic equipment

·         Pistons

·         Transmissions

·         Steering column ignition locks

·         Cylinder head covers

·         Oil filter brackets

Aluminum Automotive Parts Alloys

A380 and A383 aluminum alloys are popular metal alloys for automotive die castings because of their desirable physical and mechanical properties. These alloys are able to withstand the high temperatures to resist hot cracking. A380 is the most commonly used aluminum alloy for die casting for its optimal combination of casting, mechanical and thermal properties. These aluminum alloys are composed of silicon, iron copper, nickel, tin and other metals.      

Aluminum parts are easy on the environment and easy on the gas tank. Die casting, due to the ability to use the process for mass production of parts, is more suitable for the automobile industry than traditional gravity casting. 


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